Wednesday, March 23, 2011

S's birthday, part two.

Another day, another delicious homemade cake.

My brother and his wife took first place for some tasty pepperoni rolls.

My mom got second place for the RIBS she brought.

My sister got third place for a cute variation on pigs in a blanket.  She used hot dogs, crescent rolls, and pretzels to make ants, snails, and butterflies. 

S loves ribs.

First thing in the morning.  Opening gifts from mom and dad, birthday ring front and center, of course.
We made these ribbons for the winners at S's birthday potluck.  They're pretty awesome, if you don't mind me saying so.

On Sunday, Si's actual birthday, we had family over to celebrate his birthday.  You know how we do the competitive potlucks with our friends once in a while?  We decided to put a twist on it and let S be the sole judge.  So everyone competed to bring his favorite foods.  He had a blast deciding which dishes were his favorite, and passing out ribbons and prizes.  Two fun days, one super sweet eight year old kid.

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