Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day in the life.

-Wake up not to my alarm, but to Nate getting up.  Then later to S crawling into bed with me.  Did not have to set my alarm this morning because my plan was to workout after S is at school, not during the typical 6-7am timeslot.  I love days when I can avoid hearing my awful alarm.  Zen alarm clock is on my wish list.

-Make S's lunch, help the boys with breakfast.  Check the internet vitals.  Rush to get everyone dressed and out the door.

-Drop S off at school.  Early today, which he prefers but we don't often accomplish.

-Head to the gym.  Box my heart out while T enjoys social hour and tv time in the kids' room.

-Back home.  Shower for me.  Pbskids.org for T.

-Make chicken broth.  Basically this involves throwing a bunch of frozen veggie scraps and chicken bones into the crock pot.  I've been saving them in ziplock bags in the freezer, having read this tip somewhere online.  Add water and seasonings, let simmer in the crock pot for ages, voila!  Chicken stock yummier and cheaper than what you can buy at the store.  Meanwhile, T is drawing characters from Plants Vs. Zombies.  I have to do a Google image search for each one, so he can see how to draw them.  I think he has some kind of board game as his ultimate plan.
With whom I spend my days.

-Research proper ways to season turkey burgers, which are on tonight's dinner menu.  The recipe I'm using says you can make the burgers with the meat as-is, but I think surely they need some extra flavors, right?  Maybe I need a new recipe.

-Nate comes home for lunch.  We discuss some upcoming dates and write some things on the calendar.  One of them is CHICAGO.  Yay.

-T teaches me the sign language for "snow" while he eats his lunch.  It snowed this morning.  T was happy.  I was not.

-Get angry because stuff in the fridge is still feeling frozen, even though I tried to adjust it after noticing the problem earlier in the day.  Realize the knob I had adjusted was for the freezer, not the fridge.  Try again. 

-Work on laundry and dishes a little, so I can feel like a good and productive housewife.

-Convince T to go upstairs for a little rest time, since he has the sniffles and is looking tired.  This is a major coup; he never rests anymore.  I sit and start stitching a new embroidery project, while listening to this audio book, which I am quite enjoying.  I already have a project underway, a gift for S that didn't get finished in time for his birthday.  But this new piece has a quickly approaching deadline, April 17.  Better get moving on it.
S's gift, in progress.

-T believes his rest time is over after 15 minutes.  I do some master negotiating to buy myself more time.  He gives me another 15.  Enough to stitch a "k," an "i," and half an "s."  I'll take it.
New project.  Must hurry.

-Help T with more Plants vs. Zombies research.  We are looking up pea shooters, double pea shooters, magic bubble shooters, etc.  Read some Mad Libs he filled out earlier with his dad.  "Pearl Chopping: The athlete who can break through the most stacked pearls with one chop of his butt wins this event."

-Let T watch one episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  I'm not proud to say that this is pretty much part of our daily routine.  I get soooo sleepy in the afternoon.  Today, at least, I make him pick up a bunch of Legos before he can watch.  I spend a little time catching up on my weight loss forum, then close my eyes.

-Put on a little makeup.  Pick up S from school.  Totally blow my top when I see him walking out in a t-shirt, coat stuffed in his bag.  It's cold out.  It snowed this morning, remember?  Deliver a long and tedious lecture about the virtues of dressing appropriately for the weather.  Have little to no faith that it sunk in at all.

-Walmart run.  I need a few groceries.  The boys need to pick out gifts for friends.  Birthday parties are on the horizon.

-Supervise S doing homework and writing thank-you notes while folding laundry.  Scurry to put it away before the boys' afternoon tv shows start.  While they are engaged I want to have some free time, guilt free.  Free time?  I sound like I'm at summer camp.

-Check my email, at S's prompting, to see if he has a den meeting tonight.  He does.  It wasn't on my calendar, of course.  Room for improvement there.

-Sit on the couch while the boys watch Wild Kratts and Electric Company.  Do some forum-ing and some stitching.

-Make dinner.  Even after researching how to season turkey burgers, I end up doing a total free-style and they are dang tasty.  Serve them without buns (diet), plated up on portobello caps instead.  Boys are not thrilled, but eat them anyway and declare them, "okay."  I can live with that.

-Clean up kitchen while Nate drops S off at Scouts and puts T to bed.  Listen to Mbmbam.

-Put on jammies.  Plan for the night is to watch bad tv and stitch stitch stitch.

Goodnight!  Thanks for reading. 


maryflorence said...

I'm not sure how you feel about your days, but I dream of days like that. Sometimes I read people's statuses on facebook and think to myself, man I wish my main concern was whether or not my 2 year old is going to take a nap.
So, while to some moms these days seem monotonous, they sound beautiful to me.
Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side, but it still has to be mowed. :)
Anyway, I liked hearing your day. Maybe I'll do the same on my blog soon.

kristin said...

chicago! what's the date?