Tuesday, February 7, 2012

this year's valentine crafts!

We finished our Valentine's projects a week early this year, amazingly.  This is T's collection box to take to school.  It was mainly inspired by this project that I saw on The Crafty Crow.  We used a tissue box.  Instead of covering it with yarn, which I thought looked too time consuming, I opted to cover it with hundreds of paper circles.  Much more efficient!  Honestly, though, it didn't take that long.  I was kind of rolling my eyes at myself when I started, like, really?  This is how you want to spend your whole Sunday, Laura?  But it was kind of relaxing, mindlessly gluing them all on.  I didn't do any kind of pattern or neat rows, just kept it totally random, so that it would look like my kindergartener had possibly helped me with it.  He didn't.  He started out helping, and was doing a great job, but we soon figured out that a glue stick wasn't going to make the circles stick.  So I switched to the hot glue gun and T couldn't help anymore.   He did cheer me on.  I was surprised to look up after an hour of hot gluing and realize all four sides were well covered.  Not bad!  The rock eyes were painted by me, as directed by T.  I used pipecleaners to make the arms/hands and hot glued them on to the sides.  More blue dots to cover the ends of the pipe cleaners and waa-laa.  Finito.  We're crazy about this guy.

And here are the boys' Valentine's to pass out.  Saw this idea on Pinterest; the link went back to this blog.  I don't think ours turned out quite as well as the inspiration.  I should have cropped them so that the hands were bigger.  Also, the boys were not very cooperative about striking the arm-outstretched-fist-clenched pose.  It is so hard to take good pictures of them.  I totally missed the day of parenting school that covered how to make your kids cooperate for photos.  Mine are generally terrors in this situation.  Getting them to keep their eyes open (not because they're accidentally blinking, but because they are rolling their eyes to the back of their heads.  On purpose) and keep their tongues in their mouths is a serious feat.  Asking them to stretch out a fist like they're holding a sucker?  That is a bridge too far.  So these were the best we got.  T for some reason doing two fists, and S with his fist right under his face instead of off to the side.  Neither one of them stretched out very far.  I spent too much time angling each sucker so that it wasn't in front of their faces.  Then I put a piece of tape on the back of each one to secure the sucker, but I have a feeling that by the time these get to school, the suckers will be all over the place.  Oh well.  The important thing is that they're done, the boys like them, and hey, everyone will get a sucker. 

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