Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way too many pictures of S's birthday party.

Today we had five of S's buddies over for his birthday party.  We kept it small because we were having it at home and because the thing he wanted to do most was play video games with his buddies.  I figured a small group would be better because they could only play 2 at a time and I didn't want a ton of boys waiting to take turns.  They did play some video games, but they also ran around and yelled a lot, inside and outside, and played with Legos.  It was a very successful party, I thought, and went smoothly, although at times the inevitable air of aggression and competitiveness that comes along with a group of boys is hard for me to handle.  Also hard for me to handle?  T gets right in on the action, acting like he's just as big as the other boys.  As a result they treat him like he's just as big, pushing and wrestling with him as they would each other.  I literally have to avert my eyes.  He had a blast; S did too.  Anyway.  On to the pictures.
Playing Wii Sports.
Cheering for (or against, sometimes) each other.
Appreciate the handmade balloon garland above the TV.
I didn't think 7 boys would feel like a lot, but it kind of did.  It was enough, for sure.
Cake was made by Nate, with specific instructions from S that it be chocolate and homemade.  It also featured homemade caramel icing, painstakingly made by Nate, and decorations by yours truly.  It's a bit wonky, but that's how homemade cakes should look, if you ask me.
The handsomest face.
Where those good looks came from.
T taught a couple of the boys how to play Plants Vs. Zombies.  He was in hog heaven.
Along with the cake, we served popcorn, grapes, and carrots + dip.  Not one boy touched the grapes or carrots.  It's okay.  I know what I am, and I can laugh at myself.
He was just so happy the whole time!  A very social kid.
Getting ready to make a wish.
T had as much fun as anyone, I do believe.
Getting silly.
The boys played outside for the last hour of the party.  THANK GOODNESS!

After his guests left, S told us several times how much fun it had been.  That made me feel great.  We spent the rest of the day dozing, eating left over popcorn, and watching basketball.  Perfect.

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