Friday, December 24, 2010

We made ornaments.

We made several ornaments this year.  Let me show you.

These are made with paper towel rolls and pipe cleaners.  So cute!  From Family Fun.
 These flying cardinals and doves are also from Family Fun magazine.  I cut out the felt, the boys helped me glue them together and glue their eyes on.  I love their simplicity.  I think they're really pretty.

Bells!  We made these out of egg cartons.  Three bells in a set, we made 5 sets and gave them as gifts to grandparents and teachers.  More for hanging on a doorknob than on a tree.  Idea from an old Martha Stewart Kids magazine.

Finally, these aren't exactly ornaments, but I wanted to show you the snowflakes Nate cut out that feature the boys' names.  Can you see them?
That's all for now.  More crafty goodness to come.  Hope you are enjoying your holiday!  xoxo

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Kathy said...

I'm impressed by how well your son did on those name snowflakes! I'm having fun reading your blog.