Thursday, November 18, 2010

embroidery for Kristin and Colin.

Here is the wedding gift I stitched for Colin and Kristin. I asked them to send me a favorite photograph of themselves, which I then converted to a line drawing and stitched as well as I could. Faces are challenging. I thought about leaving them blank, but eventually decided to go for it. The secret, I think, is to reduce them to their simplest possible lines. You can click through to my flickr photostream to see a side by side comparison of my stitching to the original photo. They aren't perfect, but I think they are recognizable, which was my only goal. Very ambitious, I know.

The Chicago skyline I grabbed from a google image search, and the ginko leaves came from their beautiful handmade invitations. I also pulled the colors, green and brown, from the invitations. The background fabric was trimmed from my favorite ever IKEA curtains, which hang in my craft room. I like how IKEA curtains area always too long, so I always have a bit of the fabric to devote to other projects.

I was able to finish this piece in time to give it to them at the wedding. Nate's gift was to dj the reception. He did a fantastic job. He killed it. I would watch specific people dance til exhaustion, look relieved as a song died down, like they couldn't wait to take a break, then the next song would start and they would throw their heads back, groaning, like they couldn't stop now, not when THIS SONG was playing. It was hilarious and awesome. There is a pride that comes with being the dj's wife, let me tell you, even though I kind of missed my dance partner.

It was a really nice evening, for a lot of reasons. Watching friends get married is wonderful, of course. Watching it happen in a gorgeous Chicago mansion, surrounded by happy friends who look fantastic and keep telling you how fantastic you look.... well, you get the idea. It was pretty magical.

Kristin and Colin, I wish you so much happiness. If you can find somewhere to hang this embroidery, you'll never forget your anniversary.


TaylorStreet said...

we ABSOLUTELY will find the best, perfect place for it!!

kristin said...

Laura, you are such an amazingly talented lady and we are so grateful to have you and your family in our lives. Thank you a million times over!

Christina said...

Hey, thanks for coming over by my blog Laura! I read all your posts too! I almost never leave comments myself these days, so no worries! Thanks for the sweet words. It got me over here (finally) to say I really love the interplay between the skyline and the leaves in this piece!