Saturday, December 25, 2010

We made Borax crystals.

On The Crafty Crow, I read about making these Borax crystal ornaments. Basically you make a shape with pipe cleaners, mix up a solution of water and Borax, let the pipe cleaner shape hang in the solution overnight, and when you pull it out beautiful crystals have formed all over it. Super fun, super easy. We made lots.

This one was probably my favorite. Shape by S.

Here you can see the crystals up close:

Here are a few more shapes. I made some, the boys made others.

I really loved this project and will probably be doing it again next year. I need to collect some more glass jars to use. I only had two on hand, which meant we could only soak two ornaments at a time. Also the jars were a little too thin. A wide jar with a wide opening would be best, maybe a pickle jar? The ornament can't touch the sides of the jar or the crystals won't form properly. I personally like the white pipe cleaners best for this project. The crystals on the white fluff look so snowy and nice. We gave some of these away to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and kept others for our own tree.

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