Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Odds and Ends.

Here is a quick review of the gifts I made that don't fit into any neat category. Some of them are a little boring, but it's the thought that counts, or so I'm told.

First up, I bought lots of onesies and t-shirts and then appliqued them with the initials of the recipients, using scraps of fabric from my stash.  I used a fusible interface to stick the letters on to the shirt, then painted around the edges to keep them from fraying.  Hopefully they hold up in the wash.
For my nieces.

For my nephew.

For another nephew.

For my newest baby nephew.

For our friends' daughter.

For my neighbor's new grandbabies.  Twins!
I also appliqued a tote bag for S's teacher, and then covered the straps in matching fabric.  I was a little bummed when he came home and told me someone else gave her a tote bag that had been professionally embroidered with her whole name on it.  But I went ahead and gave it to her because I didn't have anything else, and I think teachers can always use more totes.  Right?  I hope that's right.
One quick gift was a set of coasters for the grandparents on each side.  Here is a link to Family Fun, where I got the idea.  You can find the simple instructions there.

For the grandpas, I bought clip magnets and decoupaged the boys' faces on them.  Easy peasy.

Last thing.  We made cards for the boys' teachers.  I cut out trees from fabric scraps and glued them onto card stock.  The boys decorated them with glittery bits and bobs.  I think they are lovely.

One more post of Christmas crafting madness to come!


Bonnie said...

"bits and bobs" I think that's lovely.

Also, how lucky your family is to get such interesting, original, interactive toys!

And I think I'll be trying my hand - har har - at the coasters. Too cute!

kelly and eric said...

To be one of your boys' teachers! Seriously. It's a great gift!