Friday, May 14, 2010

quick craft: stamped towels for Mother's Day.

The internet is chock full of great ideas for Mother's Day gifts.  This year I settled upon this one.  It was so simple and I already had everything on hand, including the towels, which I planned to embroider at some point in the future, but they were perfect for this project.  The only thing I needed to grab was a bag of foam stickers. 

I decided to do separate crafting sessions with the boys, for which I would really like to pat myself on the back.  It was much easier to manage one boy with paint than two boys with paint, and I enjoyed the one on one time with them.  T and I worked on the project while S was at school.  S and I did it after T went to bed.  
The process is so easy.  Cut strips of cardboard.  We did two, each about half the length of the towel we wanted to stamp.  Let the boys cover the strips with foam stickers, in a pattern/arrangement of their choosing.  Roll paint on the strip of stickers, then carefully flip over and stamp onto the towel.  Then just let the paint dry, heat set with an iron, and launder them up.  We printed our patterns on the top and bottom of each towel.  The boys made two each, and the grandmas received a set of two, one from each boy.

Wham bam, thank you ma'am.  So easy.  I also like to give gifts that are practical and don't just take up space, and these definitely qualify in that regard.  I hope all you mamas out there had fantastic Mothers Days.


Bonnie said...

LB, I love this! Thanks for sharing all the steps. I may pull this out in the future. :)

Sarah Hedman said...

we did this successfully, too, and the grandmas loved it!!