Friday, June 15, 2012

a few stenciled shirts

I've been stenciling shirts in the evenings when Nate is gone, instead of watching tv.  It makes me feel productive and occupied instead of lazy and lonely.  I made three for T, birthday gifts (which I had to give him early because he caught me looking at the photos), one for S, and one for myself.
Calvin and Hobbes shirt, for T.

Sokka shirt, for S. 

Aang shirt, for T.

Calvin and Hobbes inverse stencil shirt, for me.

Appa shirt, for T.

Sokka, Aang, and Appa are all characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Are you guys watching that show yet?  You should watch it; it's so good!  Appa is my favorite of these stencils.  I also love how T's Calvin and Hobbes shirt turned out. 

Here's a picture of T dressed up like a "war guy."  Because we'll undoubtedly be moving to a smaller space, I've been trying to decide what we can bring with us and what we can't.  There are a couple boxes of costumes and dress-up accessories in the closet that probably won't be coming with us.  The boys almost never play with them, but then once in a while the cousins will come over, and everybody will come downstairs in the most hilarious costumes.  So I hate to leave them behind when I think of those funny play sessions.  But this picture gives me hope that the creative play will continue, with or without actual costumes.  This "costume" consists of undies over shorts, pj shorts on his arms, socks on his hands, and a crushed soda bottle as his weapon.

This weekend we are driving to Michigan for a little family reunion.  Last time this event happened, Nate and I were attending a wedding, so my family took the boys without us.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the relatives I missed seeing 2 years ago, and also to trying out the famous zip line that the boys raved about after their first trip to this camp.  Camera battery is charging as we speak, I'll try to come back with some pictures and stories!


TaylorStreet said...

Love the shirts, and love Theo's "war guy" costume. Very cool.

Hope you are handling the current transition ok. It will all be great once you are up here and settled, it will be so nice to have you all close to us.

Anonymous said...

That appa shirt is dope. I'l pay you to make one for me? email me :P