Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day plates.

Our Mother's Day took on a theme, unintentionally.
I made plates for both grandmas, based on this blog post. The boys used washable markers, of course, and I wasn't thrilled with how their drawings became blurry when they came in contact with the Mod Podge. I didn't have time to start over, though, so I tried to sell myself on the old adage, "It's the thought that counts." I think both Nate's mom and mine were very pleased with their gifts, even though I thought they could have been better. Grandmas are good like that.

Nate offered to take us out for dinner Friday night as an early Mother's Day treat. I opted instead to order a gift for myself, this awesome plate. I can't wait to see it in person.

This morning I treated myself to some leisurely browsing at the antique mall, all alone. It was wonderfully peaceful and I picked up several plates.
There is a big bare wall in my kitchen that is just begging for this treatment, and I am trying to collect plates to this aim. I have two criteria for plates. I must love them and they must be cheap. I've got a good little stash going. Hopefully I can find time to hang them up sometime in the next few months.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Mama Niccicoco said...

I want a plate wall! that looks amazing, can't wait to see yours. (:
I think the boys' plates came out great! cute project...I may have to borrow it sometime.