Tuesday, September 17, 2013

end of summer, back to the grind.

Oh, hey, blog!  I no longer feel the need to blog like I once did.  I think blogs may be on the way out.  Who has the time to read or write them?  Not I.

T working on his summer journal and math, which the boys had to do each morning before playing video games.  :)
I'm starting to think of Instagram as a shortened form of blogging, and it suits me just fine.  I even follow some of my favorite artists on Instagram, whose blogs I used to read but no longer need to, if I can just keep up with their projects that way.

The boys are the Mud Run for St Jude.
But once in a while I guess I want to spread my thoughts out a little more, and I'll save this blog for those times.
Nate and the boys being silly during a classical concert in Millennium Park.

Summer is over.  The boys are back in school.  School is going well so far, but I am bracing myself for when the homework picks up.  I am dreading it.  We tend to have giant battles over homework, and I know I am not alone in this, because there are a lot of books on this subject available.  I bought this one and it has been quite helpful.  Also, though, when you look up books about homework, there are a lot of books discussing whether homework is a valid part of a child's education, like whether it is a valuable learning tool or not.  Many researchers tend to think not, and I tend to agree with them, but that doesn't change the fact that my kids are expected to go to school with completed homework every day.  It's a little depressing to be against something in principal, but have to participate in it anyway.  Boo, homework.
On the train, headed to a street festival in the city.

I had a bit of a rough transition to the school year, because our summer was just so darn good.  For maybe the first time ever, we really hit the sweet spot between busyness and relaxation.  We had lots of lazy mornings where I was sewing and the boys were gaming, and everybody was still in pajamas.  We had lots of outings with friends.  It was our most social summer ever, and that was great.  We ended summer with a great trip to Michigan with family.  It was all so nice.  I didn't want it to end.

Michigan vacation, beach time.
There is a lot of pressure that comes with the schedule of the school year.  Things that must be done each day, more pressure to get the boys to bed early.  It seems impossible to fit everything in..... homework, piano practice, chores, laundry, reading, planning cooking decently healthy meals, etc.  It's just so much and we make it through the day maybe having finished everything, maybe not, but dog tired either way.  Often in a sort of morbid fantasy I find myself thinking about homeschooling, just so I could take more control of our schedule and slow things down.  I feel that as an individual, and as a family, this is the busiest I (and we) have ever been, and I feel like I'm no good at being busy.  So for the first two weeks of school I was wigging out a bit under the constraints of the schedule...... my chest felt tight all the time and my poor nails got chewed down to new lows.  I feel a little better now, but it is still a struggle to get everything done and not be a stressed out, impatient mess while we go through our day.  I am working on it.
Sleeping (or Sleepy?  I can't remember) Bear dunes.

That's all for now.  Random pictures from our summer are featured in this post.  If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen them all already.  :)
Mackinaw Island.

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