Tuesday, April 30, 2013

how T lost his first tooth

 Both of my boys have beautiful, healthy teeth that tend to stay in their heads for a long time.  S lost his first tooth on the first day of second grade, far later than most of his classmates.  It looked like T was going to follow suit, as he was one of the few left in his class who hadn't lost any teeth.  His teeth were not loose at all.  Not even a little bit.

So we were pretty surprised when he lost his first tooth last Wednesday night.  It was a little past 8 pm, and the boys were supposed to be getting to sleep.  S ran out of the room in a panic to tell us that they had been playing tug of war with a bed sheet, T had been using his mouth to try and maintain his grip on the sheet,  and his tooth got pulled out.

T was startled but not hurt.  And it seems about the perfect way for this crazy bruiser to lose his first tooth.
He looks pretty cute with his tooth gone, don't you think?  Which is good, since it will probably be a long time before it grows back.  His permanent tooth is way up there going, "Hey, what's going on?  I'm not ready yet!  I was supposed to have another year!"

Once the permanent teeth come in, the adorable baby-faced days are over.  T losing his tooth is just another reminder that these boys are growing up awfully fast and there's no stopping it.

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