Monday, January 21, 2013

currently: two boys and a kitten.

Current T-isms
-saying "I'm bored" at the silliest times.... we could be walking to school or eating dinner or giving him a bath.  Apparently the boy needs constant entertainment.
-totally rejecting any kisses from his mama 
-rooting for the bad guys in movies, which drives his brother bananas
-chasing the cat and smothering him with love
-nicknaming the cat: Coo Kitty, CooCoo Kitty, Coo Jr. Son of Coo, Dr. Coo, CoooksBoooks

Current S-isms
-saying "No" to anything I suggest or request, a total kneejerk reaction to the sound of my voice, it seems
-fretting over T's interactions with his cat
-doing tons of reading but jumping from book to book
-randomly breaking into the Gangnam Style song or dance

Current Lupin-isms
-jumping onto the kitchen counter
-jumping down again as soon as he hears footsteps coming his way; he definitely knows he's not supposed to be up there
-getting up when Nate and I go to bed, even if he is sleeping, and going crazy in our bed for about 20 minutes, attacking our feet, chasing his tail, etc.
-finally settling down and sleeping against my leg all night
 The pictures in this post are from our recent trip to the Museum of Science and Industry.  Fun day.

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