Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a little project with the boys

I saw this idea on Pinterest long ago.  I saved up what I thought were a lot of lids.  We had plenty but a lot of them were white, and obviously more color is better for this project.  We had two little canvases to fill, two different sizes.  Probably would have been better if they were the same size, but oh well.  It's always good to use what you have around the house, right?

The boys laid out the lids to create their small mosaics.  I did the gluing on because I thought it was a little too messy for the boys.  The gluing took a long time and so the boys went to bed and I continued to glue.  So I guess this wasn't such a kid friendly project.  Maybe with the right kind of glue they could have done it themselves....

The original post shows this idea on one large canvas, and I think that would look better than the small ones.  Still, the boys like their little mosaics, and they add some fun color to their bathroom. 

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