Monday, December 10, 2012

ten years of nate and laura.

December has me stressed out of my gourd.  I am really struggling to keep up with all the regular tasks of daily life when holiday traditions + a bustling etsy shop are added to the mix.  I'm behind on everything.  My list is insane every day.  I should be doing something else, but right now I'm going to sit and pet our new cat (getting this guy socialized and comfortable are also on my very long to-do list) and tell you a little about our recent vacation.

Nate and I celebrated our tenth anniversary with a trip to St. John.  It was hands down the most beautiful place on this earth I have visited so far.  I had a hard time with the mosquitoes and the mid-day heat, but those were minor compared to my battle with motion sickness nearly the whole trip.  The roads were very hilly and windy.  Being in the car was  tough for me, but we had to drive to get to the many beautiful beaches on the island.  I even had trouble at the beach, if I was in the water.  The waves coming in made me feel seasick.  Before this trip I really didn't realize how much motion sickness could interfere with my enjoyment of a place.  If we did a similar vacation again, I would stock up on the non-drowsy Dramamine and use it liberally.

So it wasn't an all-around perfect vacation, but we did have a good time.  I tried snorkeling for the first time and loved it.  The view from our little tent/cabin thingy was amazing.  The food at the resort was top-notch.  And we did a lot of relaxing.  I read a whole book!  A suspenseful fiction book!  Not a book meant to help me lose weight or become a better parent or anything.  Just pure enjoyment.  So that was fun.

Ten years of marriage have flown by.  It's crazy to think that another ten will go as fast.  When we celebrate 20 years, T will be driving and S will be in college.  Whoa.  I'm doing my best to enjoy our life together as it unfolds, and not to rush, and not to look back too much.  The past 10 years have brought us so much.  I am thankful.

Okay.  Enough of the Laura Hartrich Gratitude Workshop.  Here are some pictures from our trip.  The whole set is here.

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