Saturday, December 29, 2012

meet Lupin.

We got a kitten.  He was an early Christmas gift for S.  We adopted him from a local shelter on December 8.  After debating a few options, S landed on the name Lupin, which pays homage to one of his favorite Harry Potter characters.

Lupin is our first family pet.  He is kind of my first pet ever.  I grew up with outdoor cats, but now that I share an indoor space with this creature, I can see that outdoor cats are basically wild animals for whom you put out food.  This guy is more like an additional family member.  Before I had a pet I liked to judge people who treated their pets like kids, or referred to them as their "babies."  But now that I am in the club, I can totally relate.  After all, I'm concerned for this creature's well being in the same way I am for my human children.  I'm thinking about his diet, I'm clipping his nails, taking him to the doctor, reading books about his development.  A lot of it parallels parenthood.  So I understand the whole likening-pets-to-children phenomenon now.  I get it.  I repent of my judgmental ways.

I was worried about the extra mess and chaos a pet would bring to our lives.  And there were a few times in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when I was busting my butt to keep up with onesie orders and all the extra tasks that go along with Christmas time, that the stress overwhelmed me and I wished we had waited until after Christmas to add to our load.  However, typing that now, I'm definitely glad we didn't.  If we had waited a couple of weeks, this little guy would have been gone, snatched up by another family.  And I really think he is the perfect cat for our family.  He is just the right amount of calm and frisky.  He is almost always ready to receive our love and give his affection right back to us.

I'm not crazy about the smells that accompany a cat.  I don't like the hair that inevitably ends up on all of our clothes.  But I very much like this fuzzy mammal we've invited into our home.  I've surprised myself with how much I like him, actually.  He is good company for me during the day.  And the boys love him.  It's fun to see their nurturing sides on a daily basis, and not only when we visit our friends who have babies.

So, this is all a long post to say, we got a cat!  And we're all enamored of him!  You'll be seeing more of him, I'm sure. 

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