Thursday, November 8, 2012


We had a great Halloween, our first Halloween here in Oak Park.  When we moved here in August, I was concerned we wouldn't make friends quickly enough to find trick or treating companions by Halloween.  Thankfully, we have met some wonderful families here, primarily by sticking around on the playground after school most days.  It's a great way to meet people if you are new in town.  I highly recommend it!  We were welcomed to join a  trick-or-treating crew consisting of a few nearby families.  I had lots of fun walking around the beautiful streets of Oak Park, watching the kids go door to door, trying to keep them from running too far ahead. 

About the costumes: T really wanted to make a knight costume.  He found a book on our shelf that has instructions for several costumes.  I need to hide that book.  Making costumes is not my thing.  And goodness knows I don't have time.  It took me a full week to convince him that we could just buy one (and I felt super guilty for not tackling a project with him, but, again, TIME).  So anyway, we found a knight costume that was acceptable to him.  S could not provide me with an idea for his costume.  I suggested that he be the dragon to T's knight and he reluctantly agreed, for lack of a better idea.  He wasn't excited about his costume leading up to Halloween, in fact he kept telling people I forced him to be a dragon.  I was worried he wouldn't even agree to wear his costume when Halloween came, but he was able to get into the spirit and wear it and enjoy the evening.  I think they both look boss and I love to compare this year's pictures to those of 2009, when S was a knight and T was a dragon.  So dang cute.

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