Monday, November 26, 2012

a nice, long break.

Thanksgiving break was wonderful.  We left our apartment on Tuesday afternoon and returned on Sunday.  That's four full days of pure relaxation and family fun.  We had a little sickness thrown in there too.  T had to miss one of our family gatherings because he was throwing up, which was a bummer for us all.  He is recovered, but now I have a cold that has knocked me down.  I'm trying hard to kick it because in three days I leave for an anniversary vacation with Nate.  I want to feel better for sunny St. John.  So this week I'm taking a break from onesies, slowly taking down fall decorations and putting up Christmas, and resting as much as I want to.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving.  I took a couple of crafts to my mom's house, as there are usually lots of kids, who are currently at a great crafting age.  I took left-over leaves from T's class party, and we did a few pictures with those.  I also took supplies for Harvest Pictures, and those were a hit.  I don't do it every year, but it's fun to be the Aunt who brings crafts to Thanksgiving.  :)

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