Thursday, November 15, 2012

a morning at the museum of contemporary art

On Saturday we took advantage of Family Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art
Free admission for families with kids under twelve?  Yes, please.

They had some creative activities set up for the kids, as well as a scavenger hunt where the kids had to find certain art pieces throughout the museum.  The boys found them all and got their prize, a huge colored pencil.  They made sculptures out of foil and spoons, and later out of wire and packing peanuts.  Before we left they blew their allowances at the gift shop.

They had a lot of questions about the art.  For instance, "Why is this art?" Or, "Why is this in a museum?  I could make this."  To be perfectly honest I have the same reaction when I see some of this super modern art......  I guess it's all about having an idea and being the first one to have it, or at least the first one to act upon it.  In a way it seems wrong, because you think a person should be extraordinarily gifted in some way to have their work end up in a museum.  On the other hand, it's kind of cool and democratic to think that all it takes is a good idea.  This is probably making me sound like a real country bumpkin.  I hope I haven't offended any artists or art experts.  These are purely the thoughts of a layperson.  I might have been able to understand more about the art if I had read about it as we went through the museum.  However, my main focus was on making sure the boys didn't touch anything that wasn't meant to be touched. Therefore, not much reading + understanding to be had.

 My favorite exhibit was "Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: Bivouac."  Again, I didn't get a chance to read much about it.  I think these dudes are furniture designers who work with modular components.  I loved these wall-long pieces of varying colors.  Beautiful stuff.

 So that was our trip to the MCA!  We had fun.  I am loving our weekend adventures in the city.

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