Wednesday, October 17, 2012

good things happening

In light of my last post, I wanted to share a couple of exciting things that are on the horizon.

First, I found and joined a group of crafty ladies in the area.  I've only been to one meeting so far and only met a handful of people, but I think most of them are either operating a handmade business now, or want to start.  I think this will be great for me in terms of inspiration, motivation, and also the all-important networking.  So that is great.

Second, I signed up for a screen printing class.  I'm hopeful that taking a class will allow me to learn the proper techniques of screen printing, and after that I'm thinking about using that studio space to print my onesies, instead of using the closet in our apartment.  If all goes well, this could be a way to really free up some of my time, so that I could keep the onesie shop going on the side, but also have time for other pursuits.  If this works out like I hope it will, it will be amazing.  The class isn't until December.  And even after the class I'm sure there will be some kinks for me to work out, research to do, etc.  So I don't expect to be a screen printing maniac right after the class.  The plan is to hang on for dear life through the holidays (which last year were surprisingly, insanely busy in the shop), and then after the new year to focus on improving efficiency via screen printing.  I've got my fingers crossed that this will help me reach my goals.

So those are two good things!  Other good things:

-I fiddled around with the plate wall I put up a few weeks ago, and I like it much more now.  

-S just finished a project at school wherein he made and sold shark tooth necklaces.  It was a lot of work for us both, but he did really well on Entrepreneur Day at school, selling all his necklaces except for a couple that got tangled and had to be thrown away.  It was cool to see so many kids after school wearing shark tooth necklaces.  S got a kick out of it, I think.

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