Friday, September 21, 2012

thinking about my days.... again.

Above is a little chart I made showing how I basically spend my time these days.  It's weird having so much time to myself.  Most days I feel pretty productive.  I waste some time on facebook, pinterest, etc.  But I think even people with proper office jobs waste at least that much time.  Am I wrong?  I keep up on laundry; it's the only thing I keep up on.  I don't do much cleaning beyond that, unless people are coming over.  The biggest chunks of my time are spent on tiny baby times, and all that it entails, and, since the move, putting together the apartment.  Unpacking is mostly done.  I'm hanging up pictures and plates now, and there are just a couple of piles left of the miscellaneous crap that collects at the bottom of moving boxes.  At some point, the apartment putting-together will be done.  When that happens I want to spend that time working on other projects.... quilts, embroideries, things for the other shop

I'm still hoping to build that shop into something more than what it is now.  It would be awesome if I could spend my days making whatever I want, then put it in the shop and have it sell.  I thought that the success of the onesie shop would help me build up my name and presence online and that I could then transition into more creative endeavors.  Believe it or not, cranking out onesies is not particularly creatively fulfilling.  I'm grateful for the experience of running a successful etsy shop, I really am.  But it takes up enough of my time that I'm starting to worry that I'll never be able to move in another direction.  But it's not time to worry about that yet.  I need to get the apartment settled, then try to shift my focus to making stuff for tiny scissor times.  And if I give it a year or so of my best effort and it's still not happening, I will reevaluate then.

I know I write about this stuff a lot and it's probably super tedious reading for anyone other than me.  I just feel like I'm always tinkering with what my days should look like.  It's 100% up to me, which is both a luxury and burden.  I'm the only one deciding whether I'm working hard enough or getting enough done.  I want to expect a lot of myself but also be realistic and enjoy my days.  So, you know.... balance and all that.

Now, enough of my blathering.  How about some cute pictures of our apartment?  If we're friends on facebook you've already seen these.  Sorry about the doubling up on you.
Here we have shelves in the kitchen, plus a chalkboard where I try to write out the week's menu.
Here is our bed.  And pictures.  I have a little paint-by-number obsession going on.
Here is our entry way.  Little spot for keys, sunglasses, etc.
Here is the boys' wall.  I really filled it up.  :)
Boys' room.  Desk that used to be my little brother's.  Walking dude lamp from Target.  Record player.
More display in the boys' room.

That's it for today!  Hey, if you are a stay at home mom who has kids in school now, leave a comment and give me an idea of what your pie chart looks like.  I know it's none of my business, but I'm insanely curious about what this looks like for other people.  I know having an etsy shop makes it different for me.  But still.  Curious. 

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