Thursday, September 13, 2012

some new-old chairs

Before we moved I decided some of our chairs needed some attention.  They had good bones, but were looking rough.  I wanted to give them some love before we moved, so they would be looking good in our new space.

 I actually have a matching set of these mid-century occasional chairs.  I spent $50 on the pair at a flea market several years ago.  I had endured their orange pleather for far too long.  My mother in law and I decided to tackle re-covering them ourselves.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby.  It took us a couple of mornings to finish them both, and I think we did a pretty good job, though I wouldn't want a professional to examine our handiwork.  Neither one of us had ever re-upholstered anything before, but my mother in law did have a really nice staple gun for us to use. We just kind of took the pieces apart carefully, paying attention to how they were put together, and tried to replicate the pieces and the order in which they were attached.  It was kind of like working a puzzle.  I'm really pleased with how they look.  Such a huge improvement.  I'm crazy about those flowers.

This vintage rocker was an antique-store score from my mother in law years ago.  The original fabric was not a great color, but I liked the nubby texture of it.  It didn't hold up well to the boys, however, and soon it had a few prominent holes.  It seemed like a tougher job than the chairs pictured above, so I decided to put it in professional hands.  It cost a pretty penny to have it reupholstered, but holy cow am I ever happy with the results.  It looks gorgeous.  They did such a great job with the blue fabric I picked out, and they even refinished the wood which made a huge difference too.  Enough gushing; I love this chair.  It's one of the nicest pieces we have now that it's been given new life.

So those are the chair transformations that took place over the summer.  I'm happy I finally took the time to make them happen.

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