Wednesday, September 26, 2012

new obsession, i mean collection.

For some reason I am fixated on an idea of having a gallery of custom portraits of our family.  This would be in lieu of having actual family photos displayed.  I don't know why I got so obsessed with this idea, but I couldn't shake it, and I have therefore started collecting portraits.  There are tons of artists on etsy who offer custom portraits, and I love the idea of collecting a lot of different styles and then displaying them together.  I'm going for it.  (Here you should be able to see all my favorite styles gathered in my etsy favorites.)

Here are the portraits I have commissioned thus far:
This was from a photo of Nate and I when we were in Barcelona.   

From a favorite picture of me and the boys, the morning after T was born at home.

And I'm pretty crazy about these watercolor portraits by GirlAndParrot.

That's all I have so far.  There will be more.  Once I get enough, I'll hang these above the mantle in our apartment.  I'm so excited!  But I'm also trying not to go crazy and buy a custom portrait based on every one of my favorite family snapshots.  Because the boys are still pretty young, and I'll probably want to add a few when they're older.  So I'm trying to keep my cool and only get a handful for now.  There is plenty of family history yet to be written and then captured in a beautiful piece of custom art.  P.S. I love etsy.  :)


kristin said...

these are great! i especially love the watercolors.

Jodi said...

Such a great idea Laura, I love it. Good luck!