Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the first few days

We are here in our new apartment.  Overall I like it and think Nate made a good choice for us.
first arriving at our building on Saturday

our unit is all the way back and to the left.
T excited to go inside.

Here are the things I like:
-pretty spacious, compared to a lot of other places we saw.  (not compared to our old house, though, of course)
-nice open layout between living and dining rooms.
-layout that separates living quarters from sleeping quarters, with a nice sturdy door in between.
-lots of big windows and natural light.
-gorgeous crown molding and other architectural details in living and dining rooms.
-gorgeous old building (exterior is absolutely lovely).
-massive cedar closet where I will store lots of craft supplies and also do my screen printing.
-DISHWASHER.  Brand new!
-fantastic location.  Right outside our front door we have a big park, the library, the post office, and the church we plan to attend.  Also within walking distance we have tons of restaurants and cute shops.  Also very close is the train stop that will take us into the city.
-we are on the first floor, which is great because we don't have tons of stairs, but also because there is no one under us and I don't have to tell the boys to keep their feet quiet.
Checking out the new fridge.

Dining room, looking toward living room.

Dining room, with swinging door leading into kitchen.

living room with pretty fireplace.

Here are the things that I don't like:
-no outdoor space to call our own.  This means we can't grill.  Or grow a pot of tomatoes.  Having the park so near is a huge plus, but it would be nice to step out onto a little balcony or something without getting everyone ready for the day.
-airplanes.  We are right in a flightpath for planes coming or going from the airport, not sure which one.  But they fly over all the time and are pretty loud.  I don't mind during the day but at night it is hard for me to get to sleep.  We are using white noise and it is helping.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.
-storage.  I knew this would be an issue and it is.  The kitchen and bathroom are especially challenging.  Not to mention I have tons of craft supplies that I don't know what to do with.  Right now it's hard to believe we'll find a place for everything but I know it just takes time.  And trips to IKEA.  Lots of trips to IKEA.
mess!  this will be my crafting space.  the mattress represents where the new couch will go, and it will hopefully help hide my area.

lots of random things with no home --- yet.

Today is the second day I'll be here alone with the boys and no car.  Yesterday went okay.  I'm trying to spend half the day working on organizing the apartment/emptying boxes, and the other half on doing something with the boys, outside of the apartment.  I guess that's my loose plan until school starts one week from today.  Meanwhile, my onesies are getting some internet press and I have lots of people contacting me, asking when they'll be available again.  I keep telling them I will open up in "about a week," but I honestly don't see how I'll be ready to make/ship onesies by then.  I'll just do my best and get back to it as soon as I can.

I guess that's all I have to report for now.  Later, gators.  xoxo

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