Thursday, August 9, 2012

good things about this summer

So my last post was probably a little negative...  this summer was hard, yes, but it wasn't all bad.  I did feel guilty about how I handled all the stress, but I also felt bad that I couldn't focus on the boys like I typically do during the summer.  Normally I would have signed them up for some activities, carted them around, cheered for them, organized playdates galore, and probably done some crafty projects with them.  This summer I didn't do any of that....  or at least that's how I felt most of the time.  But when I really think about the whole summer, they did get to do some special stuff.....  And I accomplished some things too.  It's list time!

-We took two awesome trips.... one big one to Disney, one quick one to Michigan.  I am bummed we didn't make it to NYC as planned, but hopefully we can go later this year.  We also got to see good friends (including some of our NYC friends) in Chicago recently, which was fun.  It was especially good because it made the boys more excited about moving, knowing that we'd get to hang out with the Chicago crew more often.

-I managed to throw T a sweet Calvin and Hobbes birthday party.  I really didn't expect to be able to do that for him during this summer of showings and packing.  But I did!  Now I don't owe him a huge themed party on par with his brother's Harry Potter party.  I consider them to be even on the birthday field now.

-I didn't arrange as many playdates as I normally would have, but we did manage to consistently get together with a couple of the boys' closest friends.  We also had a little going-away get together for a handful of the boys' friends where they played laser tag and had a blast.

-While we didn't see as many friends as we would have during a normal summer, the boys did spend tons of quality time with their grandparents.   I hope this will be part of their summer they remember with fondness and not something that makes them miss each other even more when we move.

-Now to toot my own horn for a moment, I'm really proud of keeping the shop open all summer.  I had loads of sales which meant lots of late nights making onesies in my in-laws' basement (where we were staying for the past two months) in order to keep the shop stocked.  Before we knew we were moving, I was nervous about keeping it open and stocked during the summer, just because the boys would be home all day and we'd be busy doing summer things.  Now that I successfully kept it open during a summer/preparation for a move and selling a house, I know I'll be alright during summers to come.

Overall we had some good times this summer but I am glad to see it drawing to an end.  I'm ready, as I've expressed here many times, to move on to the next chapter in our lives.  When I think back on this summer I wish I had handled this transition with more grace.  I wish I had stayed more connected with the boys.  I wish I had scheduled one last potluck with our friends here.  I hope our friends know they are welcome in Oak Park any time.  We're planning to buy a sleeper sofa for just that reason.  Tomorrow the movers load up the truck at 7am.  Then early Saturday morning we are off!

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