Sunday, July 8, 2012

the one we got.

So we have an apartment.  I haven't actually seen it.  Nate saw it, and I think he has a pretty good idea of what I like.  And judging from the pictures I am going to love it.  I'm excited to get the keys on August 1 and see it in person.  I've been doing a little packing.  My method is to get out two boxes at the same time.  One I fill with things to keep, the other I fill with things to sell at our moving sale.  And I find I fill them at a pretty even rate.  I'm getting the hang of getting rid of things.  At first it was hard but now I'm really enjoying it.  The key is to keep the pictures of that sunny, spacious apartment at the forefront of my mind.  I think about the pictures, and about how I want to keep that apartment looking so beautiful.  And it can't be beautiful if it's overflowing with STUFF.  Therefore, much of the stuff has to go.  I am impressed by my keep-half / sell-half ratio, but I've moved enough times to know that I'll get there and realize I still kept too much stuff.  In our moves up to this point, we've always moved into a place that was bigger than the last.  This is our first time to drastically downsize our living space, and it is tough.  I am doing the best I can.

Here are the pictures of our new place that I grabbed from the listing.  They are tiny but they are all I have.

We've pretty much decided to move down to one car after we move, because the parking situation around our apartment is crazy.  Since Nate has to have a car to get to work, that will leave me car-less for a majority of the time.  I know it is the right and logical thing to do, but I'm super nervous to be without a car.   It's just going to be very different.  And on top of a new place to live, a new school system, a new downsized lifestyle, etc..... it feels kind of overwhelming.  The move in general feels overwhelming at the moment, if I'm being honest.  I'm nervous about everything.  I'm nervous that it's been too long since I lived in the city and I no longer know how to do it.  This is precisely why this in-between time is so hard.  I'm just sitting down here feeling anxious about what our life is going to look like in 30 days time.  I wish we could JUST DO IT already so I could stop worrying and start doing.  I've decided this week I'm going to throw myself headlong into packing again.  I haven't been doing much because it can get kind of messy, and I'm very mess-averse since we're trying to sell the house.  Showings be damned, I'll just have to shove boxes in the nearest closet if someone wants to see the house.  Packing will at least let me feel like I'm doing something.  Take my mind off all the unknowns.  Then maybe by the time August 1 comes around the packing will be pretty much done.  I know a month is nothing and that it will go by quickly but even still I wish I could speed up time.  I want to move forward; this in-between business is for the birds.  Hurry up, August!


TaylorStreet said...

You will be GREAT at city living. The boys will love a new adventure. And it will be awesome. Can't wait til you guys are close by.

Christina said...

Oh, I like this one more than the one-that-got-away! What a great adventure for you and your family!

Chris Crash said...

How exciting! I think you need to get a bike since you will be car less. Oh and when is your moving sale?