Saturday, June 2, 2012

thoughts on living in a for-sale house

- We've cleared out a lot of STUFF in order to prepare for showing the house.  I love how clean and open the house looks now.  I'm inspired to keep our new place cleaner and less cluttered than I kept this house.  Check back in about 8 months to see if I stick to this. 

-Showing the house makes me weirdly nervous about smells in the house.  I'm afraid to cook anything for fear of whatever scent may linger.  The other day the boys had a friend over the day of a showing.  They played outside, got all sweaty, then came inside to play.  I walked into the room a while later and was like, oh man, this room really smells like BOYS.  And I was really nervous it would negatively affect our showing.  It's strange to worry about these things.  But that is life at the moment.

We've had a lot of interest in the house.  It is looking better than ever, thanks in large part to countless hours of help from my sister.  I just hope it sells quickly because living in a for-sale house is not the most fun I've ever had.  I'm ready to start packing in earnest and looking for a new place.  Somebody buy this adorable house, please!

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Ofelia Bertrand said...

Don’t worry, Laura. I’m pretty sure that someone will come over to make an offer, especially if you are maintaining your house faithfully. I think what you are doing is quite good, since you want to make a good impression on the buyers. A tidy and clean house will score points from the buyers and give you an advantage when you are putting it up on the market! Good luck!