Tuesday, June 19, 2012

new habits to cultivate

This list will probably seem pretty random, but I've been thinking about new ways I want to do things once we move.  Moving is a good time to try to adapt new habits.  Everything is changing, so the way you've always done things may as well change too, right?  Some of these are not habits as much as systems I want to put into place.  But I guess everything is habit in the end.

-Food prep when I get home from the store.  Wash fruit in water/vinegar solution, wash leafy greens, etc.  I've gotten in a bad habit of letting the boys eat unwashed fruit!  Yuck.  Maybe if I wash it as soon as it gets in the house, I won't be tempted to let them take it straight out of the bag and eat it.  I think if I could get in the habit of prepping food when I get home from the store, as part of my home from the store routine, it could save me time when cooking too.

-Establish a couple behavior / reward systems for the boys.  Haven't decided on those yet. 

-Outline a simple house cleaning routine that I can keep up with.  Something realistic and not overly time consuming.  Something I might actually do and stick with. 

-Impose more structure on myself in terms of online time.

-Impose more structure and ceremony to our dinner times.  I want to use linens, light a candle, and make sure we have everything we need before we sit down.  Our dinner times are nice but they are sometimes not as peaceful as I'd like...  People hopping up to get water or a fork or napkin or whatever, someone standing because we don't have enough stools at the counter.  I want it to be a little more orderly and special, if that makes sense. 

-Other than that, I would like to generally cultivate more peace, patience, kindness, love, health, and simplicity in our lives.  Just all those.  No biggie.

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