Wednesday, June 6, 2012

life right now

-The boys and I just finished the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  We really, really liked it.  We were applauding during the final episode.  It was so good; I recommend it for everyone!  I will certainly be stenciling some t-shirts inspired by the show, just as soon as I get some free crafting time.

-Nate is at the new job a couple days each week, leaving the boys and I alone for a few nights at a time.  I am not a fan.  I hate to sleep alone.  I get all creeped out without my man in the house like a pathetic girly girl.  I'm afraid to go to bed so I stay up half the night watching tv.  I also miss my break from handling the boys.  And the boys really miss Nate.  So do I.  It pretty much stinks all around, but we won't have to do it for too long, thankfully.

-I'm attempting to keep the onesie shop open during the move, which is a little tricky.  I have less time to make them and ship them, and I can't make messes in the house because it has to be ready for showings all the time.  I've managed to make a few batches of my best sellers in the days between showings, but at the moment I'm behind on a couple of custom orders.  I must get to them in the next couple days, somehow!  When we move to a new place (probably apartment), it will be interesting to see what kind of space for creating I have, and whether I'll be able to keep my little business going.  It's all a big unknown at this point.

-Our big focus right now is getting the house sold.  It's on the interwebs, we've got the sign in our yard, we've cleaned it up and emptied it out a lot.  And now we are...... waiting.  Waiting for the perfect match.  Someone needs to walk in and fall in love with the kitchen, like we did.  I am trying to be patient but I'm super anxious to get it sold.  I'm ready to start packing for real, and to stop nagging the boys about messes they are making (which they are CONSTANTLY making).  It will be great when we can relax a little and turn our sights to the next leg of this journey.  Please, please, please someone buy our house and soon.

-Someday when I have time I'll post about our trip to Disney.

-Here are some random recent pictures from my phone.
*packing up my plate wall*
*with one of the cousins' chickens*
*what passes for dress up these days*
*with one of the cousins' chickens!*

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