Thursday, April 26, 2012

thinking in lists

Things I do:
-make onesies (and photograph, list, package, and ship onesies)
-make quilts
-hang out with the boys on the playground
-assemble weekday breakfasts and lunches
-make embroideries once in a while

Things I don't do:
-clean much
-cook, ever
-work on the yard

Things I'd like to do:
-cook more
-clean more
-fix snacks for the boys after school

Things I wish for:
-a Roomba
-weekly cleaning service, but I'd gladly take monthly or even quarterly
-bigger craft room, with separate work spaces for onesies and quilts

Still thinking a lot about the ways I spend my time.  I've been spending loads of time working on quilts lately.  I feel happier when I have another project to work on and don't spend my "making time" exclusively on onesies.  It seems like I can keep up with the onesie shop plus do one other big project, and that's it.  In March it was onesies + Harry Potter party.  Now it's onesies + quilts.  I definitely feel more balanced creatively when I can do another project alongside the onesies.  So that is good. 

The problem is that I feel like I focus so much on those two that everything else in my life gets ignored.  The house is a mess, barely tolerable.  When we dip down into the squalor zone, that's when I pull myself away from the sewing machine and clean a little bit.  Nate cooks dinner every night, which is great because his meals are delicious.  But I feel bad that it's totally on his shoulders now, and I kind of miss putting together meals.  I do a lot of shooing away of the boys, too, when I'm so wrapped up in a project, and that's not good.  I don't want them to walk away feeling like whatever I'm making is more important than them.

I'm glad that I have all these hobbies/interests/pursuits.  It gives me joy to complete an embroidery or quilt, or to package up a bunch of onesies I have sold.  But I've got to get better at pacing myself and not getting so wrapped up that I neglect other things I should be doing.  I guess what I need is more discipline.  Next school year will be a whole different ballgame, with both boys in school all day.  I'm really going to need to check myself then, to make sure I'm using my time wisely.  It will be a challenge but I am looking forward to it.

A few recent pictures for you. That's all for today!  xoxo

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Bonnie said...

LB, is there a way you could combine your meditating with quilting or excercising? I'm not sure what kind of meditating you're doing, but Catholics meditate on the life or wounds of Christ using rosary beads. I've done this while cleaning, running, baking, raking, - all kinds of things. I know other religions have meditation beads, too, so maybe that's something you can look into. But the Divine Mercy Chaplet is my favorite and I recommend it to you. Simple, powerful, beautiful. Once you get the hang of it you don't need the beads!