Thursday, March 1, 2012

saying hello...

Just popping in to say a few things........

-Yesterday a tornado went through Harrisburg, Illinois, the small town where my grandma lives.  I saw this news on facebook, in the status update of a friend I met while I lived there with her for two years.  Somehow he heard the news almost immediately, despite living in London right now.  Funny how that happens.  My grandma is okay.  The tornado went through the other side of town, missing her by a precious couple of miles.  Even though I can't say I personally know anyone who was harmed yesterday, it has shaken me up anyway.  I wish my grandma lived closer.

-I made this onesie for a challenge put forth in a podcast we like.  The theme of the challenge was 2012:Going Ape!:More Powerful than Ever.  It would have been fun to make an embroidery on the theme but I just didn't have time.  One of the podcast hosts has a baby and I sent this onesie his way.

-I failed to come back and remind you about that auction I mentioned in the last post!  Though if we are friends on facebook you did hear about it a few times.  It's over now, and it looks like we did very well.  I'm proud to have taken part in such a great effort to help a very deserving person.

-It's been a while since I've given any kind of update on the little men in my life.  I know I've written about how hard motherhood has been the past several months......  it remains hard.  But it has improved significantly from, say, this point in time.  Every day I wish for more patience and some days my wish is granted.  Other days every little thing drives me absolutely crazy.  Rationally I know I shouldn't get so upset by my kids eating with their hands or forgetting to flush the toilet, but some times it is all just TOO MUCH and I flip my lid.  After which I experience guilt and regret and hope I didn't just sentence my children to years of therapy.  Is this a common pattern of motherhood or is it just me?  I have to believe it is common but I never really hear anyone else talk about it so I can't be sure.  Anyway, what makes now better than then is that I'm getting better at letting things go and moving on.  I'm also very adept at apologizing for my outbursts and explaining that a short temper is my problem, not theirs.

-S is reading through the Harry Potter series.  He loves it and I couldn't be more thrilled.  It is such a magical world in which to immerse oneself.  No pun intended.  The only bummer about this series is that the movies are not appropriate for T to see...  We watched the first two all together, after S finished the books, but after that they start getting darker and scarier and the boys have been informed that they will have to wait until T is 8 before we watch the third.  They were not happy about that news.  For anyone interested, here is the website we use to determine what is appropriate for the boys to watch/read/play.  We find it to be a trustworthy source of information about media.

-I remain very busy with the onesie business and am also always trying to eek out time for other projects.  Most of the time I am looking at a to-do list for the day, and not thinking ahead by weeks or even days.  So I was kind of shocked when Nate said that S's ninth birthday is three weeks away.  Three weeks?!  Yes, three short weeks.  This news prompted me to immediately interrogate S about what kind of party he wanted.  I even proceeded to pull out my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines and show him some ideas.  Seriously, what is the matter with me?  I don't have time to even realize how close my kid's birthday is and yet I offer him a Martha Stewart level affair?  Just what I need in my life....  Why can't I ever just keep things simple?  Thankfully S seems to have a taste for more understated events....  he wants to stay at home and just have some buddies over to play.  Didn't even take me up on my offer of a bug-themed megaparty.  Phew.  Dodged that bullet.  That I shot at myself.

-T is currently obsessed with this series of books.  He has given himself the ambitious/adorable task of becoming "a junior know-it-all."  His words.  So cute. He has been using his allowance to build up his collection.  Each book has a list of the other books in the series on the inside cover, and after he reads one, he diligently checks that book off the list.  In each of the books' covers.  The process can take upwards of 5 minutes, which at bedtime can try my patience, but I have to admit that it is extremely endearing.

-Also in T-world, the new obsession is Perler beads.  The snowflake craze of December/January has officially been replaced.  It's all about the beads now, and they are a very fun little hobby.  Also very nostalgic for me as I spent many of my childhood hours filling those little pegboards myself.

-We are faithfully keeping up with our challenge to spend more time outside.  Don't forget, I am blogging about it here.  This winter has been so mild and is nearly over.  Still, we are really itching for Spring!

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