Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a couple things.....

1.  Tiny Baby Times will be participating in an auction to benefit a blogger in need, coming up on February 27 - 29.  I will be donating three custom birth announcement onesies.  All proceeds of this auction go to Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo.  Ashley is a young mother, entreprenuer, and blogger.  She has had a rough year.  The death of her father, a miscarriage, and now a diagnosis of cancer.  Through it all, she remains positive and spreads joy to those around her.  When I first started reading Ashley's blog, she really inspired me as a woman who is successfully running her own handmade business.  Now as I watch her move through this difficult time, she inspires me on a much deeper and more personal level.  I hope you will consider browsing the auction when it opens.  It will be full of amazing handmade goods, all donated by other crafters who are moved by Ashley's story.  I will definitely remind you when it starts!  (Probably a few times).  :)  You can also make a donation here (donation button is on the right).  Or buy a t-shirt here.  We are hoping to make a big dent in Ashley's medical costs.  Thank you!

2.  I have a tumblr!  It's basically another blog.  But I'm going to try to keep it less personal, more professional, so to speak.  I would love you to follow me over there, though there may be some overlap between these two blogs (I'll try not to repeat myself too much).  And if you have a tumblr let me know!  I'll follow you.  xoxoxo

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