Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new name!

Hi, guys!  I'm really excited about this name change!  I had a whole list of finalists, you want to know what they were?  Here are a few that made the short list:
-good place
-life and times
-make time
-jackson brodie fan club
-jackson brodie forever
-tiny scissors fan club
-tiny scissor stories
-sweet scissor action

That last one wasn't really on the short list.  I mean it was, but kind of as a joke.  But I included it to illustrate that I was stuck on the tiny scissors idea.  Everything I make for the original etsy shop requires the use of tiny, sharp scissors and I love and treasure my tiny scissors very much.  I have special tiny scissors for embroidery and others for cutting paper.  I have still others for cutting through fabric and paper at the same time (weird, I know).  So the tiny scissor thing was a bit of a fixation, but I didn't like the way any of those names were rolling off the tongue.  Then tonight at dinner I read my list to the boys and asked for feedback.  When we got to all the scissor variations, Nate said, "Tiny scissor times."  And I liked it.  And that was that.  Done.

If you are wondering, Jackson Brodie is the name of a detective in a series of books by Kate Atkinson.  Recently PBS aired a series based on these books, and I LOVED it.  I loved the story and I really loved the character of Jackson Brodie (the very fine fellow playing him did not hurt one bit).  I liked the idea of incorporating a name in the shop, but not my name, because it's hard to say/remember/spell.  But Nate convinced me it was kind of weird and too wordy to do anything with Jackson Brodie.  I had to drop it, sadly.  I am all set to listen to the audiobooks of the Jackson Brodie mysteries, as soon as I finish The Greater Journey.  I am super pumped; I hope they live up to my expectations, based on the PBS series.  I don't want to lose any love for Jackson Brodie, that's for sure.

Anyway, new name.  That's it.  Done.  Finito.  I am happy.  It's a weight off, it really is.  Now I need to get some new artwork going here.... a new banner for the blog and the shop, new business cards eventually.  All in good time.

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