Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here we go, 2012!

--finish one or two of the unread self help books I have lying around
-stop buying self help books
-spend less time with a screen in front of my face
-spend more time outside
-finish a couple projects that are in the "work in progress" pile
-smile more
-worry less

These are a few of the things I'd like to do in 2012.  What about you, do you make resolutions?  I have to admit, I am totally drawn to the clean slate, long list of resolutions mentality.  But I've been trying to make fewer resolutions for the past few years, and instead try to make small, consistent changes throughout the year.  I'm also working on having more acceptance for myself, so that I don't feel so many changes are necessary.  Who knows, maybe some New Year's Eve in the future, I'll write a blog post about how I don't have a single resolution and I'm as happy as possible with myself and my life.  I think that would be good. 

So, speaking of resolutions, there is a substantial project I am undertaking with the boys starting tomorrow, January 1.  We are going to blog about our experience here.  Follow us!  And cheer us on!  We're going to need it, especially in the wintery months ahead.

Do you guys have special plans for tonight?  We are looking forward to a cozy evening with friends, eating delicious food and playing games.  No idea whether we'll make it to midnight with the boys, but it should be a fun time regardless.

Happy New Year, dear friends and readers!  I wish you nothing but light and love in 2012.  xoxoxo

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