Thursday, November 17, 2011


--- Still no name change for the blog/shop, as you can see.  I have ideas, just can't pull the trigger.

--- It's getting cold and I am getting grumpy.  We keep our house pretty warm compared to a lot of people I know, but I am still SO COLD all day long.  It stinks.  I wear lots of layers but I guess I need to keep adding more.  And I need to drink more tea.  I'm always too lazy to make it for myself but I really need to do that more.  It helps.

--- One week out from Thanksgiving!  Wow.  I'm remembering last year when I was totally together and made a bunch of Thanksgiving crafts.  I don't believe that will be happening this year.  The Onesie is a modest venture, but it has significantly impacted the time I have for extra crafty projects.  Meaning, I don't have any.  The house is also noticeably more untidy (and just plain dirty) since the shop took off.  I'm always surprised at how strained I feel my time is now....  it's just a little Etsy shop, right?  It really shouldn't be that hard to get other things done.  Then I realize that my kid-free time is only 2.5 hours on weekdays, and that's not very much time to split between onesie-making and home-making.  Anyway, I am feeling more frazzled and less on top of things than ever before.  Still trying to figure it all out, find balance, and stay motivated to be super productive when I'm home alone instead of spending time with Inspector Tom Barnaby.  I'm a work in progress, as ever.

--- Our Thanksgiving plans this year are on Saturday and Sunday, which means we'll be on our own for Thanksgiving Day.  I don't like the thought of that at all.  Does anyone (fairly local) want to take us in?

--- Not much else to report.  I'll throw in some photos here for good measure.  Nate recently decided to make us churros and hot chocolate for breakfast.  Very wholesome, right?  They were delicious, though, and brought back fond memories of our trip to Barcelona. 

--- I did manage to do the rare crafty project with T the other day... We made wrapping paper using some brown kraft paper that had been used as packaging in a box we received.  Just smoothed out the paper and stamped it with acrylic paint.  Not the most beautiful thing ever, but sweet in its way and a good way to recycle packaging.

---Our cutie nephew Owen turned one last week.  His initials, O.E., got morphed into the nickname Obi, and I thought of a cute little onesie to make for his birthday.  I am happy with how it turned out and his parents loved it.  Success!

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