Thursday, November 3, 2011

racking my brain

I want to change the name of my original etsy shop, and consequently the name of this blog. Here are my best ideas so far. Do you like any? Do you dislike any?

I don't know exactly what I'm going for... something simple, easily remembered, sincere but not overly earnest or serious...... and I clearly have a thing for Talking Heads lyrics. I guess I want a name that portrays me, making stuff in my studio, sitting quietly and happily. That's about it. Thoughts?

spring summer fall

letting the days go by

once in a lifetime

this must be the place

the quiet hours

once in a while

make time


kelly ann said...

i love "make time" the best! but they're all pretty fabulous.

Bonnie said...

I like spring summer fall (why did you leave out winter, you cold weather hater??!! ;) )and letting the days go by.

And Simon's idea is AWESOME!!!

Maiasaura said...

I do HATE winter. But the main reason I left it out is that spring, summer, and fall represent the birthdays of Simon, Theo, and myself. We were born on those equinoxes/solstice! And I love that about us. :) (Nate is a fall birthday too, so technically he is included.)

Megan said...

I love "make time" also!

Dana said...

I like "this must be the place" best from the list but in your text "sitting quietly and happily" caught my eye too.

kristin said...

take it the david byrne route for "everything that happens will happen today"? too long?