Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a great Halloween.  T got to wear his costume to kindergarten.  This brought back memories of S's kindergarten costume.  He was a robot, the only homemade costume I ever made.  I felt lame to send T in a store-bought jumpsuit, but oh well.  The homemade Halloween costumes just don't happen here.  I have sadly come to accept this as fact.

I helped out with the party in S's class.  I thought a little festive outfit would be fun, and the kids liked it, although S was duly embarrassed.

can you see my blue eyelashes?

Typically for school parties I sign up to do the craft.  This year nobody signed up to do games for S's class, so I took that on as well.  Games are definitely out of my comfort zone, but with the help of the internet I picked a couple I thought would be fun.  The kids played one game where they had to roll a pumpkin with a broom down and the hallway and back.  It was a race.  They enjoyed it.  Those pumpkins were pretty hard to control!  Then we played this spider web game, which I brought as a backup, just in case the other game was over too quickly.  I'm glad I did, though I was swearing as I rolled up the yarn and spiders.  No easy task, that.  My hands got all cramped up.

We also played the classic where the kids wrap each other up in toilet paper, mummy style.  Didn't get any pictures of that one, but they had fun with it.  Our fourth and final party activity was creating q-tip skeletons.  I love how they turned out.  The kids got so creative!  I thought they would all look the same.  Silly me.

So here are my boys in their costumes.  We had a full night of trick or treating and now the house is full of very tempting sugary treats.  Thus marks the official beginning of the holiday season.
x-ray skeleton and jawa.
Hope you all had fun too.  xoxo

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