Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am very excited about this return-address stamp.  I waited a long time to receive it, or so it seemed, because I was so excited.  Then when it came there was a typo.  Oops!  So I had to wait again to get a corrected stamp.  But now it is finally here and I am so happy.  For one thing, I think it makes my packages look more professional and more adorable.  For another thing, it saves me a lot of handwriting.  I bought the stamp here (I always try to support other Etsy shops when I can).  I bought one for our family too, because I thought $20 was a steal for such a good looking product.

Things are rolling right along with the onesie business.  Not as hectic as it once was, but it remains steady.  I'm going to try my hand at a little advertising soon.  I'm interested to see how that will affect sales.  We still don't have the screen printing up and running, but I'm hopeful we can work on it this weekend.  I can't wait to get it going!  It's going to be awesome when it happens.

I'm about a week and a day late with Maiasaura Made Monday, I realize.  I have been so, so busy, staying on top of onesies, custom embroideries, and two boys' homework and activities.  Craziness.  S's fall party for school is almost here and of course I signed up to do games and crafts.  And of course I will spend oodles of time choosing the perfect game and craft for third graders.  There are so many great ideas online, I know I'll find something fun.  But it does require a lot of time and brain power every year.  And this year I feel I have less time and brain power to spare than ever before.  Oh well.  I always have fun with the kids.  It's just the whole prep part that's stressful.

Speaking of Maiasaura Made Mondays, I think I need to change my blog name.  Right now the onesie shop is my main focus, but I do hope to someday build up my other etsy shop, Maiasaura Made, where I sell original art pieces.  I've never been crazy about the name.  I mean, I must have liked it enough to pick it at one point.  But I've since decided that it's too hard to pronounce and impossible to spell, both of which should have disqualified it from the beginning.  I've always wished I could change it, but Etsy didn't allow people to change their shop names, and I didn't want to lose credit for all the sales I've had over there (a whopping 30-something) or my feedback score.  But Etsy just announced that they are going to let people change shop names!  I'm excited.  Now's my chance.  But I want to choose carefully. I want this to be the last time I change it.  I want something simple and easy to remember.  One word or two at most.  I don't have any ideas yet.  If you have an idea for a shop name that you think reflects me or my aesthetic over on Maiasaura Made, let me know!

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kelly ann said...

!!!!!!!! so happy you're doing so well @ the onesie! i can't wait to figure out what this little one is so i can make my first purchase!!!!