Monday, October 3, 2011

in the books

Two completed embroideries to show off today.

First, I finished this custom wedding embroidery some time ago, but didn't want to put it online just in case the couple somehow stumbled across it.  It was based on the design of their adorable wedding website, so they definitely would have recognized it.  I was hired by a friend of theirs (and mine) to make this gift, and I really hope they liked it!  I think it turned out super cute.  I love the vintage fabric background.
Libby and Paul's wedding embroidery.
I used the same font as the one on their website, and had to create some of the letters myself!  :)

The next piece was commissioned by my very dear mother in law.  She wanted it to feature the lyrics of a favorite hymn.  After considering many different images of sparrows, she chose the Charley Harper illustration.  I tried to recreate it as best I could.  I do hope I did it justice, Charley is one of my all time favorite illustrators.
His eye is on the sparrow.
text detail.
If you have a little time, head over to my flickr stream to see tons of pictures from our weekend adventures.  The weather here was divine, and I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.  I read online about a little cheesemaking farm that had some activities for kids happening on Saturday.  I headed over there with the boys (Nate had to attend a funeral).  We had fun at Ropp Farm.  The boys petted animals and fed calves, we took a hayrack ride out to the windmill field.  It was a nice day at a quaint little location.  Right down the road from Ropp Farm is Rader Family Farm.  I thought about stopping there as we left Ropp Farm, but we were worn out and ready to go home.  We ended up going the next day, when Nate could go with us.  I'm glad we waited, as there was so much to do there and we made a full afternoon of it on Sunday.  It's funny now to think that I drove all the way to Normal to visit the cheesemaking operation,and then didn't go to the "pumpkin patch" (aka kid's paradise) next door.  The first spot was nice, but it was a tiny blip on the map compared to the place just down the road.  Rader Family Farm is a destination, a place definitely worth driving to.  I'm sure we'll find ourselves there again.  So fun.  Check out the pictures!  :)

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