Monday, September 12, 2011

MaiasauraMade Monday.

I had a great summer with the boys and I tried to stay in the moment.  I will admit, though, to daydreaming of the school year at times, planning how I would use all my free time (two and a half hours every week day!).  One of my plans was MaiasauraMade Monday, wherein I would dutifully write a blog post every Monday.  Coinciding with MaiasauraMade Monday was Midsomer Murders Mondays, wherein I would allow myself to watch an episode of this mystery series, which are unfortunately nearly 2 hours long each.  I really think it's nice when tv shows can stick to 30 or 60 minutes.  Except Mystery!  For that I will allow 90 minutes.  While Midsomer Murders isn't quite good enough to deserve nearly 120 minutes of my time, it is enjoyable, and I try to keep busy while watching, either blogging or crafting.

I couldn't think of any other catchy, alliterated activities for my days, so I just planned to switch off between stitching, maybe making a few onesies, making gifts, etc.  I always have something to do.  I'm not a person who gets bored.

Thing is, this little onesie venture has really taken off.  It has surprised me.  It's a good thing to have a successful etsy shop.   It's what everyone with a shop on etsy hopes for.  But there definitely has been a lot of stress along with the success.  At this point I am mainly dealing with custom orders.  Meaning, people come to my shop, don't see the "I just got here & I'm already awesome" onesie that they came for (because they sell almost immediately whenever I am able to list some), then send me a message and ask me to make one for them.  Which I then try to do as quickly as possible.  There is also a lot of communicating back and forth with customers about sizes, colors, etc.  Then there is the packaging and the frequent trips to the post office.  It's a lot to suddenly add to one's schedule.

Last week at the height of my busyness, I felt like I couldn't breathe, close to tears much of the time.  I wanted to be excited about people liking and buying my onesies.  I wanted to be happy that even though I kept raising prices, people were still clicking "buy" without even blinking.  But I kept thinking about all the other projects I had lined up, and how I would never again have time for them.  I'm half way through an awesome Christmas gift for S (and of course I'll have to make one for T too).  I have a LOT of fabric already cut for quilts I plan to make.  I also have a few outstanding embroidery commissions that I need to get done.  I literally was using every bit of my time on onesie business.  When would I ever do the other things I loved to do?  Ironing stencils onto onesies isn't exactly creatively fulfilling.  It's supposed to be a fun, quick project in-between other, longer projects, not take over my life completely.  When I talked to Nate about my level of stress he said this is how all working people feel.  Yikes, is he right?  The whole experience definitely had me wondering how working moms do what they do.  Trying to stay on top of housework (even with plenty of help from a partner) and kids and homework while managing a little business on the side?  That's no joke.

Things have slowed down on the onesie front the last couple of days.  The little breather has been nice.  I've been able to get some embroidery done, which has greatly eased my mind.  Of course, now I'm afraid of it dying down, since I've invested in some screen-printing equipment to help make the process more efficient.  I'm hopeful that things will pick up again, and once I figure out the screen printing process, I'll be able to make onesies in like 2 minutes instead of 30.  That's a pretty significant time savings.  Ahhh, I feel better just thinking about it.

The past few weeks have really been a lesson in learning to use my time wisely.  Learning to be more focused and watch less tv can only be a good thing.  And even if the onesie business comes to a screeching halt, it did allow me buy my beloved Frye boots, which I plan to wear forever.  Also I will have learned to screen print out of the deal, which is pretty awesome.  All in all I am feeling great.  Feel free to buy some onesies, friends.  <3<3<3


TaylorStreet said...

I think you'll REALLY enjoy the screen printing compared to your current production methods. It will allow you to produce a whole bunch of product all at once and then sit back reap the benefits. Like sweet Frye boots.

Looking forward to hearing more from you every Monday. I enjoy it when you blog!

Christina said...

I love the way you write. I'm full of joy and sympathy for you at the same time.