Wednesday, June 29, 2011

they can talk talk talk but they better come correct

Have you guys heard this song?  Or heard of this artist?  I might be late to the party; I just heard him on the radio today.  And I love this song.  I checked out a few of his others on youtube.  They are so-so.... a little too Jack Johnson for my taste, maybe.  But this song.  Well, I love this song just about as much as I've ever loved any song.  It is great.

Summer is busy.  I think the boys are having fun.  I hope they are.

We just finished a week at Cub Scout camp, which was traumatic for me, as I volunteered to help all week.  8 hours a day for 5 days, over 250 boys to wrangle and try to teach / craft with.  I actually enjoyed the kids, but the adults who organized the camp need a good talking to.  I hope to be the one to give it to them.  Just need to get up the nerve first.  For S, the highlight of Scout camp was shooting BB guns.  He really wants to get one for our house.  I vote for keeping it an activity he does with Grandpa Jim, at Grandpa Jim's house. 

T's birthday came during the week of Scout camp, so we didn't have time or energy for a big celebration.  Just opened some gifts and gave some hugs.  We did have a laid back party for him the weekend prior, where we had lunch and a swim with family.  I can't believe my little baby is five and will be in kindergarten.  He is a real sweetie and a stinker all at the same time.  We sure do love him.

Pokemon cards are a huge thing at our house this summer.  Also the boys love a new (to them) show, Phineas and Ferb.  It's actually pretty funny.  I can definitely see the appeal.  They get to watch one episode every day.  This week I instituted a "10 minute pick up" before they get to watch P&F.  Why didn't I think of that sooner?  Ten minutes is enough to really help a room look better.   And they'll do about anything to watch a little tv.  Screen time remains their most powerful motivator.

I've been busy with several embroidery projects.  Most of them for clients.  So that is exciting.  I'll try to be back with pictures soon.  Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.  Every year I like summer more.  It has taken the lead as my favorite season.  My younger self would be shocked, as I basically worshiped autumn and had a strong appreciation for spring.  But as a mom, the freedom of summer has won me over.


kelly ann said...

we are pretty big brett dennan fans. i love this:

also, your boys look like they're having a blast! xoxox

TaylorStreet said...

Dude that song is ADORable!!
I am really wanting to give myself a Simon/Theo summercut. I don't know if work would approve of it, but maybe I could pretend that I did it at the behest of getting my students to do something great for parks?

Anyhow. Great post, good song.