Wednesday, February 9, 2011


1. It's so stinking cold outside. Much too cold. And not nearly warm enough inside.
2. I'm tired of being sick. I started feeling sick on Friday so really it's only been 5 days, but 5 days of being sick on top of trying to care for other sick people and take care of the house to the minimal degree takes its toll. I'm exhausted. I keep going to bed around 8:30 and still can't get enough sleep.
3. All these mountains of snow are annoying me. I can't see a stinking thing coming down the street. We have almost hit or been hit by cars several times now. I don't like it.
4. The house is a mess all over. I always have a feeling that I can't keep up with it, but especially now, with the fatigue of sickness swirling around me, it seems impossible.

Man, I thought I was really getting one over on Winter this year. I was coasting along, feeling so good, and then all it takes is a little cold (and strep throat) to destroy me. Ugh. I wish humans were equipped for hibernation. I'm ready to crawl into a cave and stay there until spring.

For balance, some good stuff:
1. I started a diet and have lost some weight. Yay! Now the trick is to keep going beyond my typical plateau point. I'm going to do it this time.
2. Both boys are having echocardiograms tomorrow. It's like an ultrasound for the heart. S has a heart murmur that was detected at birth. At the time it was called a "functioning murmur," which means it does not impede the heart's ability to function. But when we saw the doctor for our strep throat, he thought it would be prudent to check on it again, to see whether it has changed at all in the last 8 years. (EIGHT YEARS! That was fast.) Then the doctor heard a murmur in T's heart, which shocked me because no doctor had heard one in him before. And he has visited probably 10 different doctors in his 4 years. So for him to have a heart murmur too was completely unexpected. Anyway, the fact that they're having echocardiograms isn't particularly good. But I am glad we got them scheduled so quickly and we can get it over with so I won't have to worry about everything that could possibly be wrong. Because it's probably nothing to worry about. Still, I'm anxious to know for sure.
3. I started my second quilt. Today I painstakingly cut out all the pieces. Soon I will turn on my new Necchi for the first time and start sewing. Very exciting.

That's all for today. Take care, friends. Stay warm. xoxo


kelly ann said...

aww, Laura.
1) I'm so sorry you're feeling sick and gross. I HATE THAT about winter.

2) Please keep me posted on the echocardiograms. I'll be sending you a million positive thoughts and tons of love.

3) One week from today I'll be home in Peoria. Would it be too presumptuous to want to hang out with you one day when my parents are off at work?

4) I really adore you.

Maiasaura said...

Thank you, lady. Yes, let's get together when you're here! Call me! (Do you know how cold it is here? Are you sure your Texan bum can handle this ish?)