Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi, guys. Sorry to leave you hanging like that. I am better in both mind and spirit. The boys are better, too. Their echocardiograms came back normal, without any concerns. So that is happy news.

Today we had a great day. S had a basketball game, we spent some time with family, the weather was gorgeous and the boys played outside a lot. Then we watched The Sword in the Stone, which is a seriously great kid's movie. The boys liked it a lot. Stellar day. Stellar.

I've recently become obsessed with chambray, and I am the proud new owner of both a chambray shirt and dress from Target. It's Nate's fault. He is seriously stepping up his style game lately, and I feel like I have to keep up with him. I'm almost 30, it's time for my clothes to grow up a little bit. So chambray it is.

Quilty number two is nearly done. I'm excited. I think I love quilting. I need more more more.

Nate built this snowman with the boys before all the snow melted last week. The sunglasses and the mustache were genius, I thought.


kelly ann said...

I forgot all about the echocardiograms! There I was with you the other day not even ASKING. So sorry, but SO GLAD to hear all is well.

I had to look up what chambray was. I am now aware. I think I may have to join you. LOL

Also, you are a pretty fabulous quilter. :) Can't wait to see the fabulous finished product!

Christina said...

I hope you know that telling me you've been quilting without showing pictures is like a dagger in my heart. :) glad the tests came out fine!