Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pinewood Derby Times.

Today we took part in the illustrious Boy Scout tradition called the Pinewood Derby.  The challenge is to start with a piece of pine and make it into a car that will be faster than the other scouts' cars.  Thing about the Pinewood Derby is this: Seven years old is really not old enough to do any part of this project properly.  So it's actually a matter of the parents doing it, and involving the kid in whatever way they can.
This was our first time participating; we decided to keep it very simple.  Nate and S looked online at easy car designs, and S picked out one he liked.  Nate used a bandsaw for the first time to cut the shape.  Then S picked out colors and directed me to paint, "dots, stripes, and lightening bolts."
 Our car was definitely one of the more, um, primitive cars racing today.  A lot of dads clearly put a LOT of hours into their cars.
When we arrived at the derby, we had to have our car inspected.  And for a minute it wasn't looking good.  The wheels were a little wonky and the inspector thought it might not roll down the track.  Thankfully they let us try anyway, and the little green giant did its thing.  By which I mean, it rolled.  S raced four times, came in fourth three times, and third one time.  Hahaha, oh my!  S seemed to have fun and wasn't embarrassed by his unimpressive ranking.  Nate and I were glad when it was over.  It was nerve wracking to compete with a car that almost didn't work at all!  Maybe next year we can up our game, at least a little bit.
A note on the videos: T was a very supportive spectator.  He was convinced his brother won, despite the scoreboard saying otherwise.  Pretty cute.  Also, I start laughing in the second video because T had a used bandaid that he needed to discard.  I told him to give it to Nate, and Nate's face when a dirty bandaid landed on his lap was hilarious.  Wish I would have swung the camera over.


TaylorStreet said...

I think that in four years of doing Pinewood Derby I always lost horribly, and came in 3rd one time.
What'd you guys use as weights? We used to hot-glue quarters into a hole in the bottom.

Maiasaura said...

Colin, that's exactly what we did. Coins in a hole. I didn't know you were a scout!