Saturday, December 25, 2010

We made cookies.

Cookie day!  One week ago today we made lots of cookies and then delivered them to our neighbors.  We had fun.  Pictures:

T decorated this one.  It looks like a devil but he said it's supposed to be a mohawk.

This pretty snowflake was decorated by a very generous shaker.

Nate was proud of his gingerbread man with a grill.

He also bragged about this "modern tree."  
Here are our cookies, ready to go to neighbors.  The boys delivered them all for me, which was awesome.  A warm mama is a happy mama.

These are not cookies, but the same week I had to take snacks to T's preschool.  Their snacks are almost always very sugary, but I can't quite bring myself to follow that trend.  I always try to bring something a little healthier when it's our turn to provide snack.  This time we took little sandwiches, with ham, cheese, a little mayonnaise, and cucumber.  I use cookie cutters to shape them like Christmas trees, and poked them with cupcake decorations (helping them stay together and also to look more festive).  I know ham sandwiches aren't the healthiest food ever, but I felt good about the kids at least getting a little protein instead of pure sugar.  I heard they were a hit.  T helped me put them together.

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