Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A busy December.

Hello, readers.  I have been super busy this month, making lots of little gifts for teachers, parents, nieces and nephews.  I'll be writing several posts to tell you more about what I made;  the picture above is just a little preview.
I have something for you, though.  It's a link to our annual family cookbook.  The holiday cookbook is a tradition that started 8 years ago, when we were newlyweds and had a very small budget for Christmas gift giving.  We had just started learning to cook, so we compiled some of our favorite recipes in a booklet, took it to Kinko's to make 20 copies and gave them to family and a few friends.  It was a very modest offering, but well received.  That year I also gave homemade toffee that unfortunately had a chemical aftertaste because I spray painted the lids of the baby food containers I used to package them.  Oh boy.  Live and learn.
As the years passed, word spread about the cookbook, and as I got positive feedback, I wanted to give it to more and more people.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, and every friend I've ever had eventually got added to the list of cookbook recipients.  In seven years, the number of cookbooks we printed went from around 20 to nearly 200, and last year I picked them up, paid, and knew I could not continue to send out that many cookbooks.
The solution Nate and I came up with was to put the cookbook online, in pdf form. People can print their own, or just reference it online. (We did print and mail a few copies, for people of a pre-internet generation.)
I have mixed feelings.  I loved sending the cookbooks in the mail.  I like the idea of people collecting them over the years and keeping them on a shelf with their other cookbooks.  I wonder whether people are more likely to actually read the thing when they're holding a physical copy in their hands.  So I feel a little sad about not being able to give printed copies to everyone. 
BUT.  The online format is good for lots of reasons too.  For one thing, it takes a little stress off our bank account at a very stressful time of year.  Also, this way even more people can check out the cookbook.  Plus, we're saving trees.  So please check out the link and enjoy this family tradition of ours.  It's a little Christmas gift from us to you. 
Much love to you all.  Have a great holiday.


Bonnie said...

200! That's ridiculous! But I feel very honored to have been one of the first 20. :)

I love this cookbook... sigh

kelly and eric said...

BEST COOKBOOK EVER. I'll probably make eric print it out at work.