Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas.

Two days after Christmas, and I have the post Christmas blues.  I was in such a frenzied mode leading up to the day, so focused on finishing all my homemade gifts and projects (still have more to show you).  Now it's all over, the house is a disaster, I have a nasty cold, and I just looked out the window and realized it's winter.  And you know how I hate winter.  Blech.
This year the boys' big gifts were a DS and a Leapster, both little hand held video game gadgets.  S has been begging for a DS for a couple years, claiming everyone else in his class had one already.  I was reluctant to let him have one because I'm not a fan of screen time, I feel like we struggle to keep it at a reasonable level as it is.  I had to be convinced to let more screens into our house, however small.  Once we decided to go for it (don't ask me why I agreed to it, I can't remember now), I was excited.  I knew the boys would love their gifts.  They did.  We wrapped up lots of clues and they had to go on a little hunt to find them.  Great success.

I also started to think I could use the situation to my advantage.  I'd let them play as much as they wanted over break.  Let them get played out so that when school started again and we had to reign it in, they would have had enough anyway.  And I could get some stuff done while they were glued to the tv or little games.  Except it hasn't quite worked out that way.  Two days in, the boys have been playing either hand helds or regular video games constantly, from when they wake up at 6 am until they go to bed.  And instead of enjoying the break from their usual hijinks and bickering, using this quiet time to work on my own projects, like I had envisioned, I am fretting about how my boys are rotting out their brains and I am the world's worst mom for allowing this screen time orgy to proceed.  Feeling so bad about the state of things here in our house has made me pretty grumpy.  Being sick doesn't help.
I'll tell you what, though.  I need to snap out of it before my foul mood ruins everyone's Christmas break.  Also I need to beat this cold before New Year's Eve, which we are lucky enough to be spending in Chicago.  That's all my post-holiday complaining, I promise.  I'm going to try to relax about the gaming marathon, rest, and get better.  How was your Christmas, everybody?

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Bonnie said...

Laura, Please tell Nate I like his pajamas. Also, you don't have to give up on Christmas - we are still in the Twelve Days of Christmas and us Catholics will be celebrating through Epiphany- the Wise Men haven't even showed up yet!! Stick with the tradition of celebrating Christmas into January and then you won't have to feel so blue. (maybe. I think it's cheerier.)
Feel better. Love you.