Saturday, November 20, 2010

a year ago.

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Nate's sister got married a year ago, but we just got a cd from the wedding photographer with all the pictures. So I am only now looking at them all and sharing them on flickr. In this one, T was not cooperating. We were trying to get him to smile. He was having none of it. In the next picture, he is looking toward the camera, but with the stormiest expression possible.
Then S is just smiling away so sweetly. I can't believe how young he looks in this picture. It was only a year ago and he looks like a tiny baby to me.
This is not meant as a commentary on the boys on their personalities. At any given moment we could have two, one, or zero cooperative boys. It just so happens that S was up for pictures this day and T wasn't. As a result, we have this funny picture, which I love.

Nate and S are camping out with the Scouts this weekend. T and I have plans to laze around the house all day and then eat at the Olive Garden with my parents tonight. It's good to have a little one on one time with the boys, but I'm always anxious for the four of us to be together again. Happy weekend, everyone.

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