Saturday, November 27, 2010

T-day Recap.

We had two very different but very nice Thanksgiving celebrations this year. First we spent the day with Nate's family. That was a quiet-ish day because there was a brand new baby and a very tired new mommy in the house. We all took turns napping and trying to keep the boys from going too crazy. It was relaxed and wonderful. Then yesterday we went to my parents' house, where my mom hosted 15 adults and 12 kids or something crazy. There were no naps happening in that crowded, raucous house, but there was some great visiting and late night game playing. We kept the kids up later than we ever have before (11pm), and they didn't sleep in at all this morning. Saturday morning cartoons to the rescue.

Currently we are having to talk ourselves out of crashing Friendsgiving in Chicago (which I think is happening today, based on my facebook creeping). Instead we'll stay home and put up the tree, and perhaps Nate and I will go on an anniversary date later. Eight years on Monday!

We did some Thanksgiving crafting this year, which I was proud of. Between blogs I subscribe to and magazines I have stashed all over the house, I am constantly looking at adorable craft ideas to make with kids, but I very rarely actually make any of them with the boys. I'm always distracted by my own projects or housework responsibilities.... I almost never make time to do it. This year in Family Fun magazine the ideas were so cute and seemed easy, plus the kids had Wednesday off school and I thought crafting would be a good way to spend at least part of that day. I invited some friends to join us to insure I didn't change my mind.

I wanted to make a turkey pin and a place card for everyone at our feasts and our friends' feast. That meant almost 50 of each craft! Probably too ambitious. It meant a LOT of pre-cutting for me, which I spread out over two nights of tv watching. When crafting time came, I had all the pieces cut and ready for either painting or gluing together. The five kids all made a couple of each craft, then ran off to play. That left the moms to finish most of the rest, but it was okay. The kids had fun playing, we got to talk while gluing and painting. Everyone was happy. I think our crafts turned out great. The boys were proud to pass them out at both of our Thanksgivings.

I also took a fun craft to my mom's house yesterday, again from Family Fun. The kids enjoyed it and came up with some cute designs. Fun, fun! I hope to keep my crafting momentum going throughout December.

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TaylorStreet said...

we'll miss you guys at Friendsgiving! Big love to the Hartrich's.